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Web standards are still very much in effect and departments under the purview of the governor should still be adhering to them.

The State Controller, Secretary of State, and other sites deviate from the standard look and feel because those sites belong to separate constitutional officers.

Web Standards:
circle image State Template
circle image State CIO Home Page
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    Park Page Banners!!!
  • The Park page banner image size has changed, banners now need to be 1280px in width and 285px in height.
    Publishing documents!!!
  • Convert your word processing source documents to PDF and publish only the PDF version. Meta-data problems, hidden change history and embedded macro code can make word processing documents a poor choice for public publication. We will eventually host a "View as HTML" link for all PDFs. Keep in mind large documents discourage access from visitors with dial-up connections. We currently do not index any file larger than 20MB.
  • More Webmaster Usability Guidelines on the state portal website.


  • If you are not seeing all the content management menu icons; and are using Internet Explorer 8 or later you may need to use the "Compatibility View" option in your browser. This will allow you to correctly view older websites applications on the browser. NEW!
    IE browser image
  • Installation of the Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer is known to disable several of the content management functions.
  • Blocking pop up windows will disable your ability to publish.
  • If your internet security options are set to high, add the content management URL to your trusted sites list to avoid problems.

Did You Know...

  • When copying text from Microsoft Word:
    - copy text into Notepad, then
    - copy text from Notepad into the Content Editor
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